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Course Request Input to Synergy

Course Request Numbers into your Synergy account:

Synergy Course Input will open Feb.1
You will need your completed Course Request Form (CRF), or picture of it. 
(Counselor came to your English class to help build - See this page if new one is needed.)
1) Login to: Synergy.  (Use your Library Login)
*If any Synergy account problems go to-> Tech Support for Families
2) Click "Course Request" (tab on left menu after logging in to Synergy) 
3) Scroll down and select blue bar "Click here to change course requests" (after reading directions at top).
4) Enter class numbers from CRF or 4 Year Plan in "Course ID" search box, Synergy should search for the class automatically, then you click the "Add Request" button.
Warning: DO NOT use the "Course Title" box, or other menus 
(reset them back to "empty" if you make a mistake, or you may not find the correct class).
5) After selecting "Add Request" button for the quarter long class, 
the selection should move up to the "Selected Course Requests" window.
6) Repeat steps #4 & #5 until you have selected at least 16 quarters/course numbers EXAMPLE: English 1-2 on 4-Year-Plan shows course numbers 000301-000302. Enter course number for Englsih1 (000301) and then select the class. Next enter the course number for English2 (000302) and then select the class). *Note: Year long "grouped" numbers the on course list require 4 course numbers. (Band students, or taking PVC online classes can result in more than 16 numbers needing to be entered.)
7) If you choose to take a period off roll, there is a course number for each quarter.  Select Quarter and Period.
EXAMPLE: Off-Roll Period 4 (Term 2/Quarters 3 & 4) on the Course list shows the number(491003-491004).  Enter a course number for Quarter 3(491003) and select Quarter 3 off roll. Next enter a course number for quarter 4 (491004) and select quarter 4 off roll.
8) After you have at least 16 quarter numbers selected, click the bar “Click here to return to course summary” (on right side of window)
9) Look over your selections one more time to be sure they are correct – you are free to make corrections until April 1, at which point your selectons will become locked.
Summer school information will be posted at as soon as available (usually updated late May).  For now, you should make plans for next year with the expectation that there will be no summer school except for students that previously received an F in a math, English, or history class at RBHS.

Other useful information about class schedules

Student Planning Guide

Student Planning Guide - Our Student Program Planning Guide is your resource for all the information you need to select classes and be successful at RBHS.  You will find descriptions of all the classes we offer as well as information on graduation requirements, college requirements, RBHS departments, rules and much more. 

Course Request Information

Sample 4 Year Plans


Alternative Summer Schools

If you wish to take a summer school course outside of PUSD, you must complete a pre-approval form from the RBHS Registrar Office before you enroll in the class.
SENIORS DEFICIENT IN CREDIT - Our Student Program Planning Guide is your resource for all the information you need to select classes and be successful at RBHS.  You will find descriptions of all the classes we offer as well as information on graduation requirements, college requirements, RBHS departments, rules and much more.  Click Here for Student Program Planning Guide.   

Print Your Class Schedule the first day of each Quarter

MYPLAN LOGIN & VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS - All RBHS students receive their class schedules online by logging in to their MyPlan account (use your Synergy StudentVue to see your Class Schedule).
Students are expected to know, or have printed, their class schedule through their MyPlan accounts (using StudentVue from any cell phone or computer at school or home).
NOTE: MyPlan accounts will be updated the night immediately before each semester starts.  Schedules are not finalized until that last day.  What you see prior to this is preliminary and might change.  You must check for updates and a finalized schedule the first day of each semester to pick up your schedule.

Schedule Change Requests

**  Requesting specific teachers or periods for classes is not allowable with our schedule.  **
Change forms are due during our first week of term, turn them in ASAP to allow time for the change to be possibly made (Emails or phone calls do not replace the need for this handwritten form).
Students may request a schedule change by completing a Schedule Change Request form on the Forms & Links page and returning it to the Counseling Office during registration. 
Counselors will do their best to make requested changes, but space limitations and schedule conflicts limit what can be accomplished. Schedules were created for the entire year over summer based on student requests and most classes are filled - therefore, not all changes are simply not possible.