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Visual Arts

Computer Graphic Arts - Paul Messerle, [email protected]

Digital Media - Ross Kallen, [email protected] 
Drawing and Painting - Simone Worts, [email protected]

Select courses also articulate with Palomar for college credit.

The courses taught at RBHS develop student awareness and appreciation of the visual and performing arts. They help students realize their own creative abilities and see the interrelationship between art and performance. 
Many of these courses meet the California State University Visual and Performing Art requrements for admission, as well as the UC "F" requirement.
 3d animation students

3D Computer Animation

Students will learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling techniques using Macintosh computers and Cinema 4D. This course explores the basic aspects of designing and producing three-dimensional animation through character modeling and storyboard creaton, camera movement, lighting, surface rendering techniques, and the ability to think and work within time and space. 

Digital Media Production

The Digital Media courses concentrate on developing competency across the breadth of film and video production positions, from script creation to presentation of teh finished product. The course will focus on writing, directing, acting, producing, storyboarding, scheduling, cinematography, lighting design, audio engineering, and editing. Students will be challenged with group assignments that will give them hands-on experience using state-of-the-art film and video production tools. They will learn the vocabulary of film and use it to express themselves clearly and concisely in their writings for that industry. Students will make editing decisions based upon the script and on their interpretation of film art appreciation. They will be using industry standards in computer hardware and editing software. As an adjunct to in-studio proudction shows and students films, students will produce on-location televisions shows which will be boradcasted either live-to-tape or as a live webcast. This course is articulated with Palomar College.

Computer Graphic Arts

This course is offered to promote an understanding of graphic design and examines communication models revolving around imagery, typography, and technology. Students will be challenged with varied techniques required to build possible future careers. Utilizing Macintosh computers, level 1 students will learn popular Adobe programs including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Level 2-4 students will be challendged with more in-depth exploration with addtiional software from Adobe Creative Suite and Cinema 4D. This class articulates with Palomar Cllege's GC100 course for 3 credits as long as the student is enrolled for 2 semesters with a grade of 'B' or better.

Design in Mixed Media

This is a 2-D and 3-D visual arts class utilizing both craft and fine art materials. Students will explore sculpting, drawing, and paointing with a variety of materials.

Drawing and Painting

In this class students learn the varied methods of how to draw and paint to build a solid foundation for further course exploration. Topics range from highlighting and shading, color theory, portraiture and the rules of perspective.