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Course Request Process

Course requests will take place through English classes for students presently attending RBHS. 
Students will be seeking advice from their teachers around the times below.  Your comments and recommendations to them are very helpful. Special Ed. students will build their requests with their case manager, they will still receive forms in classes. (Pertinent links to students and parents at bottom)
  • Bronco Center Visits (English Class comes to Bronco Ctr) 
    • This is a 1-on-1 meeting with your counselor to review students plans and initial choices.  Counselors do meet with families in March if questions remain after the initial CRF process.  Students can drop by, when not in class, for questions at any time.
    • Term 1 = Jan. 3 -to- 13 →Teachers sign up here
    • Term 2 = Mar. 6 -to- Mar. 17 →Teachers sign up here
  • CRF input into Synergy (English teachers will require students to enter their courses into Synergy)
    • Feb. 1 -to- Mar. 21 (English teacher discretion)  
    • **CRF will be collected by counselor during Bronco Ctr visit
    • **Student needs to take a picture of their CRF for reference before leaving it with counselor
    • Counseling cannot work on classes in the master schedule until student requests are all in.

CRF Process Summary:

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